Introducing the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi Oven

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We’re excited to be stocking the new range of Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens. SEE THEM HERE>>>

Perfect for the small café and restaurant owner, the Turbofan 40 Series Combis have a compact 812mm-wide footprint and a flat profile so they’re easy to fit into your preparation space. Or give your new combi oven pride of place in the open with its clean lines and elegant looks.

Powerful and intuitive to operate, the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi is available in both digital and manual models with 5,7 or 10 tray capacity. With a wide range of functions they cook with convection, combi steam, steam, grilling and frying, and they also have a regeneration function for cold or frozen food.

Easy to clean, the ovens come with a hand-operated shower system. And if you choose an oven in the 40D series, you’ll get an exclusive automatic cleaning system with replaceable liquid detergent cartridges.

With a price point that’s created for small business owners, the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi won’t break the bank. And backed by Moffatt’s customer service and reputation for quality, you’ll get the peace of mind of a quality appliance with strong heritage.

See our range of Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens or call Hiller Supply on 1300 161 350 and we’ll put together a deal for you.