Venue Planning: 4 Key Considerations

Inspiration and excitement are in abundance when a hospitality venture is in its infancy.  This excitement can quickly give way to panic however, as the vastness and diverse nature of the undertaking becomes apparent.  Here, we will unpack four key areas of planning that shape your business and the final product of your fit out…. Read more »

How to budget for your new start up

and a few lessons learnt along the way… We tend to discuss three common themes with business owners when we meet about their new venues – cost, quality, and time frames. At the time, they might be pitching their passion project in a completely blank, under-construction or partially fitted out tenancy and can quickly become… Read more »

2021 Wrapped

Another no-so-normal year, in review. For another peculiar year, we once again find our selves delivering such unique and out-of-the-ordinary jobs, helping hospitality owners, management and staff with everything from carafes, to container kitchens, along the way. Follow along as we wind down, take stock and re-cap. Venue Fitouts Our fitout project deliveries and involvements… Read more »

Cool Room vs Cabinets – What Should you Use?

Do I really need a cool room, or can I just use some fridges and freezers? If you’ve setup a kitchen or you’re looking to do so soon, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question at one point or another, when considering the most appropriate cooling options for your business.  Determining whether you’ll need a… Read more »

Dialling in your Cocktail Cockpit

Just like a kitchen, the menu, service style, and venue capacity governs your workstation requirements. How big is the wine list, and how many by the glass? Draught beer too, no doubt?Nice cocktails – an extensive list that makes a statement, or 3 of the classics, with basic mixers and a few specialty gins thrown… Read more »

Chrome Griddles are Awesome. Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons.

Just about anyone working in a commercial kitchen will have worked with a steel plate griddle. They work well in most applications which is why they are an industry-standard in the kitchen.  However, Chrome Griddles are another option that isn’t as common but has some distinct advantages (with few drawbacks). The mirror surface looks great… Read more »

Safe Kitchen Designs – what you need to know!

  Slips, trips and falls are the primary cause of accidents in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Fast and furious activity, ever present moisture and the likelihood of spills increase the danger in restaurant kitchens. However, with the right workflow advice and smart design, you can avoid many of these timely accidents from occurring. Here are… Read more »

How to avoid the pitfalls of buying a hospitality business

When evaluating a café, bar or restaurant purchase, prospective buyers are often quick to review income and patronage expectations in preparation for meeting with the bank. However, a critical area that’s often overlooked is the condition of the premises and its contents. If you commit to buying a venue that doesn’t comply with council regulations… Read more »

Getting the Exhaust Right in your Kitchen

  Not just a whole lot of hot air Your kitchen exhaust system is pretty important. By reducing heat, steam and grease from your kitchen you’ll create a cleaner, safer workplace. Noise and odours from commercial kitchens are one of the most frequent sources of complaints to local councils. And from the compliance side of things, there’s… Read more »