Dialling in your Cocktail Cockpit

Just like a kitchen, the menu, service style, and venue capacity governs your workstation requirements. How big is the wine list, and how many by the glass? Draught beer too, no doubt?Nice cocktails – an extensive list that makes a statement, or 3 of the classics, with basic mixers and a few specialty gins thrown… Read more »

Chrome Griddles are Awesome. Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons.

Just about anyone working in a commercial kitchen will have worked with a steel plate griddle. They work well in most applications which is why they are an industry-standard in the kitchen.  However, Chrome Griddles are another option that isn’t as common but has some distinct advantages (with few drawbacks). The mirror surface looks great… Read more »

Safe Kitchen Designs – what you need to know!

  Slips, trips and falls are the primary cause of accidents in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Fast and furious activity, ever present moisture and the likelihood of spills increase the danger in restaurant kitchens. However, with the right workflow advice and smart design, you can avoid many of these timely accidents from occurring. Here are… Read more »

How to avoid the pitfalls of buying a hospitality business

When evaluating a café, bar or restaurant purchase, prospective buyers are often quick to review income and patronage expectations in preparation for meeting with the bank. However, a critical area that’s often overlooked is the condition of the premises and its contents. If you commit to buying a venue that doesn’t comply with council regulations… Read more »

Getting the Exhaust Right in your Kitchen

  Not just a whole lot of hot air Your kitchen exhaust system is pretty important. By reducing heat, steam and grease from your kitchen you’ll create a cleaner, safer workplace. Noise and odours from commercial kitchens are one of the most frequent sources of complaints to local councils. And from the compliance side of things, there’s… Read more »

Introducing the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi Oven

  We’re excited to be stocking the new range of Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens. SEE THEM HERE>>> Perfect for the small café and restaurant owner, the Turbofan 40 Series Combis have a compact 812mm-wide footprint and a flat profile so they’re easy to fit into your preparation space. Or give your new combi oven… Read more »

Skope Activecore is the new benchmark for energy savings

  For many commercial kitchens, refrigeration is responsible for the lions share of the electricity bill. Fortunately, refrigeration has come a long way in recent years in terms of energy efficiency. However, Skope has bested themselves with the recent release of their Activecore technology which has been added to the next generation of four popular… Read more »

Skope Adaptive Design

SKOPE Adaptive design is a new concept developed to showcase SKOPE’s design capabilities. With Adaptive Design customers, consultants specifiers and architects can get greater flexibility when it comes to integrating bar refrigeration into the overall design of a bar or establishment. With flexible, bar refrigeration systems from SKOPE customers know that they can have their… Read more »