Designed to work.

Hospitality Design for Cafes, Bars, Restaurants & Institutions

Designing experiences

Hiller Design is a team of specialist restaurant, bar and café designers based in the Sunshine Coast. With 26 years’ experience in hospitality design, we create spaces that are functional and efficient but also beautiful and full of character.

young woman using a large coffee machine
male chef plating up a dish
a bar with red lights on the front
coffee mug with a smiling face in the foam

We live & breathe Hospitality

We’ll take a no nonsense approach to your café, bar or restaurant design – we create hospitality spaces that work. We’ll consider your project budget, timeframe and the nuances of your space to create a café, restaurant or bar design that does exactly what you need it to do – both now and into the future. We’ll appreciate your team and your menu design, food service from the truck to the table, customer foot traffic patterns, ideas for the future and your overall food service design model.

With a hands-on knowledge of all the catering equipment that we specify, we can discuss what it’s like to work with the hospitality products that we recommend for you. And with our practical fitout experience on site, we know how commercial kitchens and bars go together during the construction of your café, restaurant or bar so you can benefit from our years of experience in the food service industry.

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