Safe Kitchen Designs – what you need to know!


Slips, trips and falls are the primary cause of accidents in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Fast and furious activity, ever present moisture and the likelihood of spills increase the danger in restaurant kitchens.

However, with the right workflow advice and smart design, you can avoid many of these timely accidents from occurring.

Here are Hiller’s top tips for safe kitchen designs.

Design for workflow

The kitchen should be designed to facilitate a continuous progression of food from delivery in storage, to preparation and the final dish. The aim should always been to minimise movement around the kitchen, and to avoid cross traffic. There are many elements to think of here, including wait staff and kitchen staff, and how they work together.

Think from the ground up

Whether your are building or renovating a restaurant kitchen, seeking the right advice from a professional builder is imperative. There are elements to a commercial kitchen that you may not have even thought of, such as gas, power and lighting. All commercial kitchens have to meet health and safety standards, no matter the size, which can be a time consuming (and confusing) process if you try and tackle this alone.

Tip: many slip-and-fall accidents are a result of the underlying structure of restaurant flooring. So, if you’re in the enviable position of being able to build (re-build) your kitchen from the ground up, you can start your slip-proofing right.

Invest in the right equipment

Fitting a kitchen with good quality commercial kitchen ware may seem like a large initial outlay, however for a chef it is these decisions that can change a good restaurant into a great one, optimising the space with equipment that will get the job done and minimise mess – and always choose the equipment that is made for the professional kitchen.

See what Hiller offers here.


How to avoid the pitfalls of buying a hospitality business

When evaluating a café, bar or restaurant purchase, prospective buyers are often quick to review income and patronage expectations in preparation for meeting with the bank.

However, a critical area that’s often overlooked is the condition of the premises and its contents. If you commit to buying a venue that doesn’t comply with council regulations or has questionable equipment, it could create unnecessary headaches, and quickly impact your business’ bottom line.

It’s wise to do a thorough inspection of the condition of the premises, its fixtures and fittings and its plant and equipment so you really know exactly what you are buying. The resultant information can:

  • Identify the potential outlay of funds needed for repairs, upgrades and compliance to local government regulations
  • Allow you to re-negotiate the price / contract terms
  • If you want to renovate or change the menu, you may be up for unexpected costs (upgrading of services, infrastructure etc.)

We’ve witnessed firsthand many costly situations that could have been easily avoided, or at least planned for, including:

  • Auction-bought equipment that doesn’t work
  • Unsafe tradeworks and service installations
  • Outstanding immediate requisitions from Environmental Health / Council
  • Renovations stalled by outstanding non-immediate requisitions from Council

“Business opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one around the corner” Richard Branson

You can engage Hiller to assist you with your condition assessment. We use our 30 years’ experience in hospitality to provide you with detailed reports. All of our condition assessments are conducted by our team of licenced builders and supervisors, kitchen and bar design consultants, qualified chefs and hospitality equipment specialists. We are conversant with the Australian & New Zealand Food Authority Regulations and Local Government by-laws pertaining to food premises and we know what to look for when it comes to wear and tear on equipment and fixtures.

Our standard condition assessment service includes:

  • Site visit and compilation of asset list and condition
  • Visual check of equipment and fittings
  • Basic investigation of provision and condition of services and infrastructure:
    o   Hydraulic – Gas, Water, Drainage
    o   Electrical
    o   Refrigeration and Exhaust systems
    o   Ceilings and Walls, Floors and Finishes
  • Report of site findings and recommendations

We’ve undertaken condition assessments for hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and a variety of other venues that provide food and beverage services.

Contact us on 1300 161 350 to book a condition assessment and we’ll help you evaluate your next purchase.

One Day Sale – Sunshine Coast


Join us at our Sunshine Coast warehouse on Friday 18 November for the Hiller One Day Sale.

Packed with exclusive offers, demonstrations and special displays including:

  • Combi oven demonstrations and free food
  • Demonstrations on blenders, juicers and speed ovens
  • Discounts on an array of products from Waldorf, Skope and Bonn / Hallde
  • Refrigeration display by Skope
  • Extra warranty on Skope refrigeration products
  • Silver Chef finance special exclusive to attendees on the day only: $0 Bond and 4 week deferral on payments*
  • Plus much, much more….

Kicking off at 8am and finishing up at 4pm, we look forward to seeing you

Our warehouse is located at 8/12 Newspaper Place Maroochydore, parking is available at the front

Getting the Exhaust Right in your Kitchen



Not just a whole lot of hot air

Your kitchen exhaust system is pretty important. By reducing heat, steam and grease from your kitchen you’ll create a cleaner, safer workplace. Noise and odours from commercial kitchens are one of the most frequent sources of complaints to local councils. And from the compliance side of things, there’s workplace health and safety, along with the fire risk and its associated codes and practices.

Once your kitchen is built it’s often extremely difficult (and expensive) to change your exhaust system. So it’s worth getting it right upfront.

So where do I start?

The first consideration is what kind of food you’ll be cooking – a sandwich bar is going to have vastly different exhaust requirements to a charcoal chicken shop. Different cooking machines require different amounts of hood overhang to be legal. And then there’s future planning to think about – do you want to change your menu in the future? If so, you don’t want to have to re-do your entire exhaust system to fit an oven upgrade.

You also need to consider what type of wall and ceiling structure you have (island, corner, against a wall, ceiling heights etc.). And where are all those unwanted cooking smells going to go? Your neighbours won’t appreciate smoke wafting through their windows (don’t forget the people above you if you are in a high rise!).

From here we look to the Australian Standards to tell us precisely:

  • What proportion of cooking particulates and odours need to be removed from your work place – the minimum exhaust or air rate.
  • If fresh air intake is required to balance out air conditioning and ventilation factors (you don’t want drafts on your food all the time)
  • Required distances from neighbouring properties and any physical building requirements to get the exhaust air out.

When you’ve established this information, it becomes a matter of achieving a design that fits, taking into consideration building aspects and the size of the duct that is needed to remove the air (remembering that smaller = noisier).

It’s worth planning and preparing for your exhaust system – it’ll make your life more pleasant. At Hiller we’ve got plenty of experience helping our clients choose their exhaust systems and getting council approvals over the line, so if you are looking for advice on which system to buy or a bit of extra technical expertise for your kitchen, bar or cafe fitout or design, we’re happy to help.

We have plenty of exhaust hoods on display in our warehouse. To speak with one of our consultants about the full range or to choose a hood that’s right for you, give us a call on 1300 161 350.

metaltecnica C3110180LU Exhaust Hood rear plenum w/filter

Introducing the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi Oven



We’re excited to be stocking the new range of Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens. SEE THEM HERE>>>

Perfect for the small café and restaurant owner, the Turbofan 40 Series Combis have a compact 812mm-wide footprint and a flat profile so they’re easy to fit into your preparation space. Or give your new combi oven pride of place in the open with its clean lines and elegant looks.

Powerful and intuitive to operate, the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi is available in both digital and manual models with 5,7 or 10 tray capacity. With a wide range of functions they cook with convection, combi steam, steam, grilling and frying, and they also have a regeneration function for cold or frozen food.

Easy to clean, the ovens come with a hand-operated shower system. And if you choose an oven in the 40D series, you’ll get an exclusive automatic cleaning system with replaceable liquid detergent cartridges.

With a price point that’s created for small business owners, the new Turbofan 40 Series Combi won’t break the bank. And backed by Moffatt’s customer service and reputation for quality, you’ll get the peace of mind of a quality appliance with strong heritage.

See our range of Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens or call Hiller Supply on 1300 161 350 and we’ll put together a deal for you.


Hiller has rebranded

For over 30 years, Hiller and Associates has been providing hospitality equipment to the Sunshine Coast. Now, Hiller & Associates has expanded to include a wider coverage of Queensland with a store in Rockhampton. We have also got dedicated hospitality design and fitout departments. With the change in the scale and services of our business we needed a new brand.

Now, Hiller is the same as it ever was however we now have 3 distinct brands operating under the main Hiller umbrella – Hiller Suppy, Hiller Design & Hiller Fitout.
hiller-supply hiller-design hiller-fitout


Skope Activecore is the new benchmark for energy savings


For many commercial kitchens, refrigeration is responsible for the lions share of the electricity bill. Fortunately, refrigeration has come a long way in recent years in terms of energy efficiency. However, Skope has bested themselves with the recent release of their Activecore technology which has been added to the next generation of four popular fridges including the BME600-A, BME1200-A and TME1000.



Skope Adaptive Design

SKOPE Adaptive design is a new concept developed to showcase SKOPE’s design capabilities. With Adaptive Design customers, consultants specifiers and architects can get greater flexibility when it comes to integrating bar refrigeration into the overall design of a bar or establishment. With flexible, bar refrigeration systems from SKOPE customers know that they can have their bar chiller reflect individual aesthetics, create the right mood and be modified to suit their requirements.


Why you can depend on SKOPE for the best in commercial refrigeration. 

Create your own unique look

Personalise your fridge to reflect your individual aesthetics and create the right mood

  • A range of door colours including black, white and stainless or choose almost any Dulux powder coated colour to match your surroundings
  • Specify the design of your doors to match your requirements with a choice of solid, glass or pass-through
  • Change your countertop, add some lighting or simply alter the configuration to make our cabinets work for you.

Flexible options to suit your space

Our creative options give you greater flexibility when designing your space

  • Choose a standard floor model, or one which is wall mounted
  • Choose from self-closing swing or sliding doors
  • Select from left or right hand service options, or use a combination of both
  • Vary the dimension of your unit to fit perfectly into your space.

Maximise product presentation

Display your product in the best way possible, to boost sales and increase revenue

  • Use LED lighting options to create mood and eye-catching displays
  • Select glass doors to maximise product display, or solid doors for storage convenience.

Improve storage capacity

Configure your unit to maximise its storage capacity, improve your footprint and create a better workflow

  • Specify your internal and external cabinet dimensions to maximise your available space
  • Choose from integral or remote refrigeration options
  • Alter your shelving to cater for better stock management Enjoy ongoing reliability and efficiency Backed by SKOPE’s reputation for quality and reliability, which minimises the risk of downtime
  • Hardwearing, durable finishes so your cabinets look better for longer
  • Engineering excellence assists with reduced noise
  • Heated glass options available to eliminate condensation (ideal for high ambient conditions)
  • Low emission argon glass options help with extra thermal performance and energy savings


It’s time for a new website and logo!

Hiller and Associates has had the same logo for over thirty years. Since the beginning we’ve always been heavily focussed on providing top notch commercial kitchen equipment with the expertise and service to match. None of that has changed, but our look has.