Dag Pub

Refreshing The Bar In A 100+ Year Hotel

The Dag Pub bar had seen decades of cold beer served to locals and tourists alike. It was time for a refresh on this old classic - without sacrificing the character that makes this pub such an icon.

With only one weekend closed, the team at Hiller Fitout made some major cosmetic and functional upgrades to the much loved local pub of over 100 years. The redesigned bar was covered with beautiful Australian Hardwood benchtops with natural edges complementing the VJ panel fascia. The old cold room with direct pull was removed from the center of the bar and was replaced with a new coldroom with a full glycol system feeding 14 taps at two harbour style fonts at the main bar – dramatically increasing the speed of service on busy nights. With the old cold room gone, space at the bar was increased and stainless steel benchwork was fitted around the whole bar.

Location: D'Aguilar

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